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All About Having our Insurance Company Cover Your Weight Loss Program.

Even though ordering for another cup of milkshake or even fries, consider the effect it will have on your body and not just ensuring you will be able to pay the full amount. Obesity is becoming too expensive not just for the individual but also for the employer. The figure employers are paying for their obese workers in health claims is more than seventy-three billion per year. It takes a serious matter for the healthy employees to get in a situation that would require them to file a health claim.This is why some employers are covering several weight loss programs to encourage their employees to lose weight. The cover and care will be dictated by the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Some companies are now including weight loss surgeries in their policies. A lot of hospitals will ask for $30000 for a bypass procedure but if you think this amount is too much you should think about how much a company will pay for the obesity-related conditions if the said employee remains obese. Remember that you should also factor in the time the employee will be off work. However, it is important to talk with the insurance company concerning gastric bypass coverage and the circumstances.

The insurance companies do not like to spend money even though premium has been paid and they will demand you to prove to them that the surgery is necessary. Therefore, make sure you have a strong recommendation from your doctor. To ensure the request goes through, the doctor should indicate your health condition in the present, the BMI, treatments and even weight history. There should be a prove that the obesity interferes with your ability to carry out your duties at work and that by losing weight you will be able to perform better. The insurance company is not going to pay for someone who is looking for an easy way in weight loss when there is no effort in changing lifestyle habits for better.This is why a medical nutritionist appointment or gym memberships are crucial. However, you cannot get out of that as soon as the surgery is done and assume there will be no repercussions. The rules have to be followed if you do not want the money deducted from your salary. Not everyone will need a gastric bypass and you can take advantage of the other weight loss programs available and you can read more about them here.

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