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Car Accident Lawyers: How Much Do They Cost

Being in a car accident would definitely affect your daily life greatly, and if you want to resolve the situation, you would have to ensure that you are backed up by the skills and experience of a great accident and injury law group. The last thing you would want to do is take everything into your hands and work on settling the situation without the help of a legal expert. It is wiser for you to turn your attention to hiring a lawyer right from the start, as this would eliminate the probability of having a lack in terms of compensation you’ll receive. Before you make the hire though, the next important thing that you would have to check into, is how much are you going to pay for their services.

There have been many instances in the past, where people ended up avoiding a lawyer due to their big concern regarding the expense they’ll have to face in doing so. We know that lawyers are hefty but, what we do not know is what exactly determines the price of a lawyer’s service. When you look into the market, one of the most popular ways of paying a lawyer is through an hourly rate. The good news is that a car accident lawyer does not have this kind of payment path. More often they not, they accept payments in the form of contingency fees.

Contingency fees, unlike hourly rates, are only paid when the case is resolved by the car accident lawyer. There’s no doubt that your biggest worry for now is whether you’ll still have to pay for something regardless of the results of the case. If your party loses, you would not have to think about any payment since the contingency-based pay is based on what you’ll receive as compensation.

Since it’s a percentage of what you’ll receive, the next thing for you to learn about is how much is it? The bigger the compensation you’ll pay for, the bigger the other party would receive, since contingency fees highly depends on the money you’ll receive. The most common percentage is up to 33% but, there are some out there that can vary from 25 to 40.

We have already established that contingencies aren’t fixed but, you should know that depending on your area, there could be laws which may allow car accident and injury law groups, to maximize their earnings from this kind of cases. What has become pretty evident, is that paying an accident and injury law group can be very complex but, you could easily resolve this by discussing the rates with the lawyer, right off the bat.

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