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Improving Your Inside Sales Calls

In inside sales, the process involves calling customers over the phone or contacting them through email or chat or else answering their call when they call in. If you are an inside sales personnel who is trained by your company, then you have an expert knowledge on the product that you are selling, you know methods of getting specific information about the person you are calling, you know ways of handling rejections, and you know how to input data into the database so you will information about the customer which you can use at a later time. If you are an inside sales professional and you sharpen your skills and work with passion, then you will have a very profitable job.

Inside sales is not the same as cold calling. What you do inside sales is not merely to sell a product to someone, but it is more on strengthening relationships with your customers.

Inside sales personnel have struggled over determining the frequency of calling a particular customer before completely writing that customer off. If you have determined this frequency then it will surely affect your sales team. If you call a customer only a few times, then you can lose that customer. ON the other hand, you can drive a customer away by calling them too many times. And calling them so frequently will be a waste of your time and money.

Sometimes if a customer is not responsive, the tendency is to get rid of that customer and go to the next one which perhaps will give some results. Every customer in the data base is a potential lead, and if you discard them too early, then you can be on the losing end. The reality is that many inside sales personnel have given up on customers too early while only making a few calls.

IF you want to be strong as an inside sales personnel, then you can learn from the tips given below.

The best time to make your prospective calls is when the admins team is there to take the calls. Phone tailing should be done past normal business hours when the admin department has left for the day.

Before calling any prospective client, do a good research. You only need a short time to get good information if you are prepared. This way you don’t waste your client’s and your time.

If you are sending an email make sure that it is one that does not sound cold but establishing a good relationship with him.

So, before you make those phone calls, be sure to have a lead nurturing strategy in place. Little interest will definitely be shown by people on your first call. So, you need to have something to encourage them for future calling. If there is encouragement, the customer will come back if the time of his need comes.

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